this morning had the honor and Beaming with Joy product manager phone for half an hour, basically want to ask yourself, you are asked to want to know. Here are some of the questions and answers, in the hope of confusion in the webmaster friends have a little help.

is the first to let you know the news is: station, high traffic station, PV station, IP station of high quality, certainly in the Beaming with Joy. These high experts can say that basically did not appear on the forum, so in the forum are some of the worse than my station and better webmaster friends. First of all, you should know that in fact the main site and Beaming with Joy advertising nature is the same, but Beaming with Joy specifically for search8, and the advertiser is the equivalent of today’s Union, I believe many of my friends have done Baidu and Google ads, you talk about, you do it to return, certainly a lot of people say, better than Beaming with Joy, read more


of the Internet there are two main sources of income, on the one hand is to sell products or services, including membership sales website, website and so on; the other hand is to promote these sales website advertising revenue. There are some income in these links, but ultimately attributed to the first form of advertising, access to income. From this analysis, we can see that all the revenue, the final source is the sale of products or services, but also to re distribution. We can describe this chain, funds from consumers (including corporate consumers) out of pocket, into the sales real or service website, then these funds between different kinds of division and functions of the site distribution. read more

lead: "old boy" producer Ke liming, was originally a financial industry "investment bank men", turned to become a movie at the entrance of the "savages", weighing a ruler investors out of commercial value, and successfully sold to the capital market, become "behind 80 flourishes myth" the protagonist.

text / reporter Zou Ling edit / attack Xiangde

it sounds like a movie: a layman, the film industry start empty-handed, high failure rate in the industry, each hand is as fast as the pitcher hit the high box office, each book sold, just a few years of fame. More legendary, he founded the company recently with the price of 1 billion 500 million yuan acquisition of listed companies, and this year he was only 32 years old. read more

everybody webmaster good:

November salary in December 19th before we successively entered into account, please check it on time.

in addition, please modify your account information to inform us.

at the same time to remind you of friendship: the personal information in the form of contact clear, easy to contact you when we have a problem. We guarantee confidentiality of the personal information you provide, not for other purposes.


if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

Hello, I am black hat Sheriff: in the Internet work has been more than 4 years, from the beginning to now can be said to go is very difficult, from the first three months of hard earned 10 knife is able to lead his team to do CPS, CPC, cpa. to achieve the annual income of millions, in here want to engage in foreign Wangzhuan novice some experience and experience, hope for the novice and doing foreign Wangzhuan webmaster some help.

1 executive force is stronger than

do a lot of foreign Wangzhuan money master, is the executive power is strong, master are generally specified in a program, such as lead today I registered 100 alliances, through 2 days after the approval of union does not stop for advertisers, advertising, etc. get ads, I want to do many tasks lead this is the day, master, well planned, of course, I say is one aspect, such as master plan, this month I do 500 automatic blog today and tomorrow to the host application domain, analysis. Two days to write the template. Then began to stop the station, do the collection, the hair chain. What is the master, is the executive power, is planned, these speaking is relatively simple, but for a lot of people do not, some webmaster, do a back had a problem to give up, this attitude is not good, you certainly do not do anything. So do Wangzhuan abroad need to have a strong executive power. read more

recently, live in front of hundreds of employees in an online professional community broke the news, saying the company is downsizing, reaching 50%. Live one hundred is known as the Chinese version of Airbnb, and in April this year, the listing of three new board, is the housing sharing in the field of the first shares, layoffs rumors get a lot of attention immediately.

interface news reporter contacted the first time live hundreds of executives, the latter said layoffs 50% is false news, but admitted that the company is undergoing personnel adjustment, but the scale is not large. Layoffs are mainly for technical positions, hundreds of people want to release more jobs to sales customer service, expanding the two or three line market. read more


will | salt

to say that today the world only at Apple, gold absorption capacity ranked second in the world in science and technology company, none other than the non Google.

annual income of hundreds of billions of dollars, a news release can be Google in the initial period of shaking heaven and earth, is also missing money desperately, rent a not too big a garage, teeth start.

so, do you know who owns the garage,


she is a just finished MBA, entry Intel, bought a house of the female doctor. In order to repay the loan, she rented the garage friend to Larry · page and Sergei brin; ·. read more

[Abstract] data show that electricity providers, local life, social, cultural and recreational sports is the hardest hit deaths.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on January 22nd

is a close call entrepreneurial things, some people succeed someone leave.

just past 2015, in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the call, China Internet business is becoming hot.

is talking about whether Zhongguancun Venture Street attracted a large number of dreamers, all kinds of entrepreneurial salon and roadshow entrepreneurs, running every day in a number of projects among investors, or such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain incubators, as the emergence of new investment institutions, these without evidence, the Internet and mobile Internet popularization and development to 2015 Chinese brought hitherto unknown opportunity. read more

Tencent Francisco June 6th message, according to foreign reports, the Japanese instant messaging applications Line planning IPO in Japan stock market (IPO), is expected to become the largest IPO this year, science and technology enterprise scale.

sources, as one of Asia’s largest instant messaging applications, Line is preparing for mid July this year in Tokyo and New York ipo. Line’s goal is to raise $1 billion to $2 billion of funds, valued at $5 billion to $6 billion. The news also said that Line chose to raise half of the funds from the U.S. investors, the purpose is to expand the market in Southeast Asia after the extension of the tentacles to the North American market. According to sources, Line has been profitable, roadshow activities in this month’s end, it will become one of the highlights Line link. read more

so that the founder is no longer lonely, every time forward is a love push each other.

entrepreneurs are busy every day,

but good entrepreneurs only need to do three things:

/ /pr

for the change.

Pr, easily overlooked by entrepreneurs.

good wine is also afraid of deep alley era,

how to do a good job of low-cost promotion is an eternal topic entrepreneurs.

here, we most need to thank WeChat.

so that each entrepreneur has its own free promotion channels.

it uses a powerful circle of friends, read more