deputy director of the administrative committee of Zhongguancun Wang Rufang in the days before the fourth session of the Zhongguancun Angel Investment Forum said, currently active in Zhongguancun over 10 thousand angel investors, accounted for 80% of the country; Zhongguancun Unicorn business has more than 40, after the United States Silicon Valley.

forum held at the same time and double exchange ceremony selected the 2015 annual Zhongguancun magnitude ten angel investors, 2015 Zhongguancun outstanding angel investors, venture star, 2015 Zhongguancun 2015 Zhongguancun venture capital. read more

[review] way I realized that we have entered a new era of entrepreneurship. At the beginning of the twenty-first Century, the high cost of labor, office leasing, legal, marketing prices also fell. It could even mean that 5 years ago startups needed $250 thousand to do, now only $250 can be.

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in 1945, when my grandmother was 21 years old, she founded a photography company. She had just graduated from Northwestern University, in order to pursue their dreams, she did not like other people to find a job, but chose to start a business. For this dream, she got on her own. read more

Wang Xiaofeng, 70, leo. After graduating joined Procter & Gamble, one thousand is 9 years. In 2006, joined the Google Shanghai, became its first employee. In 2009, joining Coty, involved in the acquisition of TJOY case. In 2011, joined the Tencent, responsible for the realization of search. 2013, invited by Travis to join Uber, general manager of Shanghai. In 2015, joined the v-mobile bike, as co-founder and CEO.

The essence of

business is the same, selling shampoo and selling advertising in fact you do not imagine so big difference. read more

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Internet era, the network created by the opportunities and legends are happening every day. Some people rich overnight, there are people of wealth evaporate overnight shrink. The Internet era of entrepreneurship, meaning risks and challenges. But even so, for people who are full of entrepreneurial dreams and passions, what is the point of being a little bitter?

There is no savior

era of Internet entrepreneurs, blacksmith needs its own hardware. Entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, behind the hard price can not tell. On the basis of their own continuous learning and progress, to find a breakthrough point, and guide the healthy development is a key step. Nobody can casually succeed, are countless times and failed to explore. read more

I have been with the Internet

imperceptibly, accompanied by the passed four years, in the past four years, there have been surprises, there have been sad, had a memorable bit. If you like, I would like to tell you what happened in the past four years,

me, a native of rural children, born in a village in Jiangsu, Pizhou. When I was young, my parents told me that I was a college student when I grew up.

in the end, I was disappointed by my parents. I went to the Conservatory of music for my favorite girl. Carrying all the people do not understand and look down on the eyes of my music on the road. read more

in the public business of the times, if you also dream of their own, but because of too much worry about the risk of business failure and hesitated, then you don’t need to have this fear, want to go to a business, this is not unfounded, this is the conclusion of a report.

really, if you want to start a business, act immediately, Right Now!

An associate professor at Gustavo Manso

California Berkeley University made a research project for the last 30 years, in this project, he followed the successful and unsuccessful entrepreneur occupation career, finally reached the following two conclusions: read more

Abstract: information super high quality into intelligence, not ordinary can get, have to spend money to buy. Information is not just data, but also includes a lot of soft stuff. For example, you talk to people with culture, and suddenly there are a lot of things, this is also a message.

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business is "the skill"

in China business, from the past more than ten years of history can be seen, the most important is "the skill" – as long as you have a big move on cattle, in other words, a single point of breakthrough. read more

editor’s note: the author of this paper is Chris Myers, the founder and CEO of financial management solutions provider BodeTree.

financing is the most difficult part of entrepreneurship., both for investors, or founder, they must consider clearly become the most intimate partner development is in a company.

although investors and entrepreneurs have pressure, but entrepreneurs tend to be more nervous. The relationship between creative enterprises and investors rarely symmetrical, investors holding the record prices and decide capital, young companies must play their own potential, which makes most entrepreneurs feel no bargaining chips. read more