in the previous discussion of XX on the tongue, we certainly have to discuss the cause behind the tongue on the popular XX International Documentary "a bite of Chinese"


on the tip of the tongue of the Chinese believe that readers whether or not to read, must have heard the name. Because "China on the tongue" created a miracle of Chinese documentary. According to Baidu index record tongue on China, the word from 13 days in May was about 800 of the search volume, rapidly soared to the peak of the search amount of 450000 in May 24th. This is the miracle of Chinese documentary is also a miracle of network marketing. And what is the magic that makes it so hot?

tongue why can succeed?


tongue on China production costs only 4 million 500 thousand, BBC production costs of $1/20. Although the production group did not specifically for a documentary on network marketing, but a plain micro-blog director Chen Xiaoqing released plays a large role. 5.14 in the morning, Chen Xiaoqing issued a good look at it tonight. Not ugly, really. Ask you to help turn." A simple style statement with a poster with the broadcast time. These actions in the eyes of the SEOER is undoubtedly no marketing propaganda. However, the documentary itself exceptional quality impressive, so this documentary does not need to put up a pageantry propaganda played an incredible effect.

China documentary interpretation of the masses of working people the real life of the original, visitors can not only feel the breath of life, to see the unique customs and culture between different ethnic regions. Food is one of the most important needs of life, the theme of food itself has been able to bring a lot of audience resonance. The production team is to implement the "can move himself, to move the audience," the concept of photography to show you this conscience.

network marketing on the three board ax

from above we have learned on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" the success of the reasons, not because of the publicity and marketing. But the effect of the real product quality. However, the tip of the tongue on the word XX in just a few days, has become the first Internet search this month, the top keywords. Many of the food on the tongue, tongue snacks on the tongue of Chinese dishes swarmed out. There are even some of the food is not related to the product is also the use of the tongue to earn the eye, the point is found in the content and food to build up the title of the party. For example, on the tip of the tongue, the tip of the tongue on the tip of the tongue, such as an endless stream of folders. However, although this title can indeed bring great hits, but after the reader found cheated will only create a sense of trust on this website, this website will think products like articles like tofu products is the glossy surface. For example, the group is a professional network to provide housing, decoration, building materials, furniture, household appliances, car, car, wedding, education.

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