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Foshan advertising company founded "the forum", claiming that the site is not advertising for profit


cooperation in recent years, anfodoushijuan words often appear in newspapers, the topic has also become the focus of the topic of Foshan citizens. An advertising company in Foshan boss recently out of pocket, launched a "Guangzhou forum" website, he said, the site will not advertise purely for profit, is to provide a platform for users to discuss the topic of Guangzhou and foshan.

high school learns to do

26 year old Yuan Ruokuai is a Foshan advertising company boss, he is an old member of Foshan C2000’s popular website, "I usually very concerned about current affairs, 04 years beginning often on C2000, often on the forum post." Guangfo cooperation in recent years, guangfodoushiquan words, Foshan has become the focus of the discussion by the public. If the yuan now, he began to do a special Guangfo public discussion platform for more than 3 months ago.

in the end this site should be set up which column yuan if the opportunity to ride with some friends to play, or simply gather a group of friends to discuss their office. "It was a really tired, be busy with their own business during the day, at night to go back to the office to work overtime to create a website, second days often bloodshot eyes." If the yuan now, fortunately, my high school when he learned to do a website, so fairly smoothly, just some big workload. He saw this drive, some enthusiastic users are for him to give advice and suggestions. In order to start this site, he also dug three, $four thousand to buy a server.

had organized more than and 30 people to Guangzhou to welcome the flame

"we not only through the text to reflect the concern of the community, but also through practice to express." Since the establishment of the site more than 2 months ago, has organized a netizen to Guangzhou to welcome the torch to greenery candles to hit the blessing, organization for disaster area donation etc..

, if the deepest impression is in May 7th this year, they organized more than and 30 Foshan friends to Guangzhou to welcome the torch, "we parked the car in the pit, and then take the subway to Beijing Road, where the huge crowds of people, some car trapped in that day and didn’t come out. When we saw the flame, we all cried out in excitement. It is worth mentioning that we have a more than and 60 year old couple and we applaud for the Beijing olympics."

, now the idea is that this forum is more abundant, the company to arrange for someone to manage the forum, "we want to organize a group of volunteers in the future, can provide information on the Internet, let more users to always understand the latest dynamic two." "We also want to have a version of Guangfo metro rail transportation company, want to contact if there, what the latest trends, will allow us to take a shot." Organize some meaningful activities, do more meaningful things, this is his wish to build a forum!


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