blog I usually very quiet, IP every day not more than 30, people today are going to promote blog. I think since blog can do, for other stations, of course, can also be slightly.

in fact, this method is very simple, that should be a lot, is I in the morning post, QQ group and on their QQ link, but the effect is little or no, why? Because almost numb a person! It might be good for new sites, but you send your blog two three times to your friend, will really go? I’d like to have too bored to death. So I’m gonna give it up.

is actually a coincidence, yesterday in the group of people sent a link, is an active Tencent ten anniversary, I feel good, it is sent to the high popularity of the world, following is the content of my post, a few words:

fun seems to look at your QQ for a few years! Come with me quickly TX10 anniversary, in this connection after login can see your QQ for a few years, the time of registration, as well as their own personal signature, let us recall. Id=171 into the blog are detailed Oh,

simple enough. This is the post address: interested friends can go and see. His top a few to go to class, and not on the heart.

come back at noon a surprise to see my more than and 500 IP, the maximum is 152! So take to go to the top, to now have

today traffic: 2215 IP2857 PV

is full of real traffic, and I do is a simple posts and replies. Is so simple.

I also come to sum up the experience:

              1: post must seriously, this is to give users see is for yourself, even if no one to own entertainment is not very good? So not too utilitarian, do we do not lose what can constantly sum up experience.

second: from the reality, do not rely on speculation for curry favour by claptrap, IP, and the loss of repeat. We are just to promote their own station, the purpose is to attract popularity, rather than hanging what Trojan, which cut off the posterior, no one is willing to do so! Station must be carefully, do good will naturally make people feel impressive, this is the potential for tourists. On the site, the return is God oh.

third: send posts to make sense, to

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