webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 17th news, China’s Internet acquisition transaction record was refreshed again. Yesterday morning, Baidu announced its intention to wholly acquire Netdragon’s 91 radio service, the purchase price of $1 billion 900 million, the relevant parties have signed a memorandum of understanding. Baidu and Netdragon will further negotiation, relevant provisions on the acquisition of the proposed agreement, the final in August 14, 2013 (deadline) before signing by Netdragon holds a 57.41% stake in 91 wireless.

Baidu’s acquisition of 91 wireless, first of all on the Chinese Internet trading. 1 billion 900 million dollars! It seems to us to be a high price. 91 really worth so much money? If not worth believing that Baidu will not buy. Why Baidu is willing to spend so much money to buy 91? 91 and what can bring value to Baidu?

it is worth noting that just two months ago, the 91 still in the wireless and Ali "gossip", there is news that the 91 are considering to suspend the wireless introduction mode listed in Hong Kong, and accept Ali investment. According to sources, in the release of Netdragon and Baidu reached intention to acquire the last minute, Alibaba continues to contact with the Dragon top. 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi also flew to Fujian and Netdragon founder Liu Dejian to try to stop the deal.

Although Baidu

has been made, but have to say, before this acquisition, Baidu in the development of mobile Internet, has been stumbling. Compared with other giants: Tencent with WeChat, Taobao and Sina mobile phone with ALI, micro-blog, 360 by 91 assistants got his own 360 mobile phone assistant, Baidu seems to be in addition to the Baidu map and the magic figure outside in spite of a series of APP products, but the influence has been on the search engine traffic advantage in maintaining. If you do not buy, facing 360 search and start using client campaigns, various other platforms in Baidu search look at fiercely as a tiger does, domestic dominance may not be preserved in the mobile Internet era, if there is no good mobile Internet tickets in hand, it is the test of life and death. Although 1 billion 900 million dollars, looks a bit expensive, but the layout of the mobile Internet is slow the half of Baidu, is very worthy of the mobile Internet, life and death exams, have caught a big A.

will be included in its 91 wireless, Baidu can be the same to the 360 from the desktop for the mobile terminal diversion, will flow into your 91 wireless, 91 wireless and 360 in the competition. Even in order to maintain the dominant position in the field of domestic application distribution, Baidu is likely to continue to acquire similar application platform. From this perspective, with the help of 91 wireless Baidu, it is possible to do more. In addition, Baidu also has a big advantage is that it has established its own ecosystem based on the search, which is the most typical of its network alliance, has attracted a large number of small and medium site owners. In the era of mobile Internet, small and medium web site

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