since the webmaster has not been written, where there is bad also please forgive ~~

      I was established in 3 months before their second stations (the first station is closed at this time.) to download e-books, develop their own to build my website are not allowed to see the ~ of course, this sentence is what I call a download site, I didn’t have the station viscosity, no PV, only friends or charity resources.

      Jane Eyre Ebook Download ( first I of the novel is not very understanding, of course, is the point of content, content from the network, use Baidu Search what would have been the first month, Baidu not included…. more depressed, in a few stationmaster Zhan Qian by adding a lot of water, diving Q group and you know, the right way, but ~~~

      in about second months of Baidu more than and 200 pages   Google yahoo  similarly, until now is 1 ~~
      Yahoo for many is not included in my research, began to flow, a short time is also good oh 80200400-500 up, l pretty fast, content from Baidu rankings every day I go to observe the lifting list about the novel, but only the top 50 is not much ah ~ no way, through other search rankings to add content! Flow is also so, it has not grown, but every day or in the manual update   that tired ~~

      Baidu started slowly included an increase of 300–400 because 3-400 also added their own e-book about themselves more satisfied, Google included also began to increase by about 1000 pages, through the Q group of friends to help   the entire page simply modified, each page ranking is fairly high in Baidu search haha, thanks to the walnut, and in several other groups!

      the second end of the month traffic began to rise to about 800 of the IP   because of their more things (and their lazy) station is updated once a few days to third months, traffic has been so   which included Baidu rose to a maximum of more than and 600 pages, Google is also two thousand!

      start their own plan, find a set of CMS procedures, ha ha, why? Collection, crazy collection, put on a traffic statistics to do research, not to let the station to improve the flow of research, on

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