I horse: Sina micro-blog launched with #10 minutes # delete and other topics, you can in the time to automatically delete function. Just released Sobrr also includes this feature. In the Sobrr release will only exist for 24 hours, and based on geographical location to share. This design is targeted to the party, drink and people. This article shows you a different social network.


has a lot of popular social networking applications, the starting point is different, but still continue to have new admission to explore different gameplay, game player to win over different target groups. Just released Sobrr is such an application, a new game player is Tinder, Snapchat, Facebook of the intermediate zone: a software to send the contents there will be only 24 hours, based on shared social network location.

Sobrr’s name comes from the English word Sober, that is, sober state of drinking. This design is targeted to the party, drink and people. Among the young people in the United States, popular culture drink for fun after self or do some crazy things. Only in the Facebook or Twitter era, they will even the content uploaded to the social network, these parties, drinking and crazy pictures for users of social networks has brought many bad consequences, such as: social network page, some employers will check the interviewer’s boss, and affect the application of its work to judge. Although Snapchat to a certain extent solved the

such a problem, but Snapchat is more based on people already know.

Sobrr encourages users to express themselves freely, without having to worry about second days of their own social network time line. And, because it is a location-based social software, at the same party, bar or club people can pay close attention to each other, comments, praise or even accosted point. In addition, Sobrr friends on request within 24 hours after being accepted, will be automatically canceled, unless the user actively choose to maintain the relationship between friends. Sobrr co-founder Bruce Yang (Yang Tong) said: "this concept is a bit like friending (fast dating), but we prefer to call it fast."

Sobrr team designed an application scenario is that, in the future when making friends in social situations, the two sides can use Sobrr to avoid embarrassing phone situation. Now the use of e-mail, WeChat, telephone or Facebook form, once left to strangers, will worry about being harassed. "Within 24 hours of friendship is a natural form of dating, which is not yet discovered in all social networks." Bruce said

"in real life people and"

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