I do from the media, the initial dedication and sharing. Every thing is very simple, practical, research flow, write out. So a few steps to repeat, repeat. I did not want to make money, at least in that period of time, I really do not worry about the idea is to make money, the first word of mouth and brand do.

first three months, in addition to a few projects I make money, basically not much profit. Also does not matter, when the state of mind is very calm, only I a person to start a business, as long as the hungry on the line. So, while I keep half-dead agricultural projects, while writing the article. That day, although filled with frustration after the frustration, but also my quiet writing the best period of time. In a small village, enjoying the quiet and carefree Internet in rural areas. In real life, there is no I know several people, I find people in a continuous line network. That is also the most time I write the article, write a few articles every day. I write this article writing is not very good, but can let people understand, understand, this is enough, after all, I am not a writer, not too gorgeous literary talent.


in those days, I was the happiest day of word-of-mouth, I in three months, successful let my article to cover a lot of corners. I was in the eyes of the God of Lu Songsong and the Moonlight blog blog, there are a variety of well-known blog, and other major media platforms have been captured me. There is often a reader to give me the message: go to see the sea. This is not a compliment, because I often like to visit other people’s blog, often see the same day a lot of blog in my article. In particular, the well-known blogger Lu Songsong blog, one month is difficult to contribute an article to his blog, my highest record is a month of 9 success was released by him. I think others should be hard to break the record, because I see, he was a month published 30 articles, of which about 4-6 is he himself wrote, is only about 25 positions for others to compete.

came up with a partner and we went on with my previous model. After more than a month, did not earn any money. He asked us how to make money. I know what he means, and he came over to me. At that time the overwhelming to see my article, it will give people an illusion, this is a very powerful God, money is certainly not the problem. After the discovery of a gap, and can not immediately see the realization, there are some ideas. In fact, my thoughts and simple, within half a year, earn a little money on the line, I do not rush to cash, to accumulate reputation, as for how to keep cash back, think later.

recall, then there can be such a state of mind and the environment also has a great relationship: to do after the failure of agriculture, just experienced the baptism of life, more peaceful state of mind. Life in rural areas also allows people to calm down. Later, when I returned to the city, I found it hard to find peace at that time

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