December 16th morning news, CN domain name management policy tightening, is quietly promoting CC domain name investment and trading. According to the domain name circle of investment sources, more than one of the CC domain name has been explored on the price of 100 thousand yuan. But at this time should also pay attention to avoid the investment risk of domain name speculation.

this week, in the main domain discussion forum on the CC domain name is increasing. Some of the major trading platform has also begun to appear uncommon CC domain name. The information from the domain name registration service provider also shows that the CC domain name registration has been increasing, although the magnitude is not large.

, however, on the other hand, CC domain trading is significantly hotter. Recently, there have been many domain name investment circles of Sina Technology said that the last stage of their shot CC domain name transaction price in the yuan, or even more than one CC domain name transaction price has been on the exploration to the level of 100 thousand yuan.

is reported that the current COM domain name registration costs about $7, while the CC domain name is more than $10, many domestic service providers CC domain name registration price in 300-400 yuan. In fact, this year, CC domain name registration costs have fallen to one hundred dollars price, the lowest even to 82 yuan.

this means that compared with CN and COM domain name, CC domain name registration price is the most expensive. But this does not stop the enthusiasm of the domain name investors, after all, compared with the mainstream domain name, CC domain name is the largest resource space.

although the public is not familiar with the CC domain name, but this domain has been introduced into China as early as the beginning of 2001. Liu Chao, founder of the famous network of sina science and technology, said there was a period of time CC registration of the domain name third rows 2000-2001. In June 2000, even had a $1 million price tag.

The domain name

CC domain name originally refers to the island, but has now become a global domain name, and COM, NET and ORG have the same properties, function and principle of registration. However, under the impact of low-cost CN domain name and other advantages, the development of CC domain was once limited to stagnation.

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