NC Mocha, said in micro-blog, received a professional modification of the poor division of harassing text messages, and posted a screenshot sms. Micro-blog screenshot

Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) Taobao if you give the seller a bad review, would have been to send goods "home service" taboo, such as harassment, and these harassment from a "service", "professional bad review division changes". Yesterday, there are users in the Taobao consumer online broke the news that she gave a seller in the comments, the results received harassing phone calls and text messages. Taobao said that the matter is under investigation.


to meet the requirements of harassing messages delete comments

gave the seller a review, the results received harassing phone calls, and receive such a message! "Netizen" NC Mocha "on micro-blog said that she sells shoes in a shop, to the assessment and detailed reasons, but it has since received a text message. The other claiming to be a professional modification of the poor, by the seller hired, specifically with the "NC Mocha" communication to allow them to delete the left".

According to the "

NC Mocha" screenshot, the reporter found that the "1395659****" the number of messages sent to said, "the seller agreed to refund you $10, ask you to amend the bad review, if possible, trouble you to delete. If not, we take money, to help people ward off. Commissioned by others, we will conduct a series of harassment to you, until you put a bad review of the seller to delete the Taobao, the attention is to delete, not modify." The other is also a detailed list of the 4 step harassment methods, including night telephone harassment, holidays, etc..

NC Mocha, said she called in the past, the other said the seller received 100 yuan service fee.

yesterday, the reporter in accordance with the number of messages posted in micro-blog to call the past, but always can not connect.


has received a complaint under investigation

micro-blog issued after being forwarded nearly 20 thousand.

yesterday, an encounter harassment Miss Liu told reporters that she had a fancy skirt, in a Korean clothing store Taobao pictures look good, more important is the hundreds of comments there is no difference in assessment, she received a single, but found skirt is completely inconsistent with the picture, small and tight, "it is for children aged 5 to wear".

Liu said, she gave the seller a bad review, but then received a request to delete the phone, "one after another for three days, every day a different number, every day I let me change evaluation." Liu Xiaojie said she was very angry, but can not offend each other, they know my address." Finally, the two sides to return, modify the end of evaluation.

for their own experiences, "NC Mocha" micro Bo said, has complained to Taobao, the other responded to the seller.

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