1 ICBC move document No. 86 tough response Alipay banks consider clearing payment interface

quick payment against Alipay and become a comprehensive system of commercial bank by a piece of Domino.

began in March 24th, part of the new ICBC to pay the user quickly, a small area of the phenomenon of the phenomenon of the user signed unsuccessful. Feedback from Alipay insiders, Alipay attributed to the consequences of the bank closed fast payment interface to.

however, the bank does not agree that alipay. 25, 2009, a person close to the industrial and Commercial Bank of China to the twenty-first Century economic report revealed that an interface, the normal use is no problem. The problem is that Alipay has not meet the bank."

what he called the "interface", which is from the beginning of 24, ICBC has been gradually shut down Alipay in the ICBC system fast payment interface number, the bank currently has a quick payment service interface number branches from 5 reduced to 1.

2 biography Tencent $300 million plus Tencent video Youku potatoes acquired a 20% stake in

March 26th news, today, media reports said, Tencent and Youku potatoes have reached an investment intentions, Tencent will be no less than $300 million in cash plus Tencent video for excellent soil about 20% stake. The two sides or at the end of the month announced the news.

it is reported that, if the transaction is completed, whether or not to retain the name of the Tencent video is still unknown, but the possibility of the platform to retain and then renamed.

Tencent responded that the market rumors do not comment, there will be news. Tencent video product manager also said that has not received an internal notification e-mail.

3 from Aunt beauty grapefruit, third party data fraud mechanism  

often in sports because HeiShao appear, affect the final game, so in business competition. Especially in the world of China, many people lack the ability of independent thinking, this phenomenon is more common. When a cognitive constant, repeated indoctrination into a person, even if the wrong perception, the parties can not tell, this is a common psychological phenomenon, commonly known as brainwashing".

China retrospect 20 years history of the Internet, you will find the case beyond count means of success, one of the most classic Taobao may be the United iResearch beat Ebay. Remember, iResearch Taobao claimed more than Eaby, followed by the data report by Taobao a whoop and a holler, a cognition to people, "Taobao is not only free, the user scale has more than Eaby, regardless of these cognitive mistakes or not, anyway, Taobao achieved his goal. After this, Taobao ushered in explosive growth, especially the growth of merchant base.

4 "paid delete posts" behind the network of rent-seeking

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