It is reported that in February 15th

news, Groupon Chinese named "friends", while using as its official name sparked great concern to the industry recently.

January 2010, love card network founder Feng Xiaohai, with its Octavia on Internet consumer trends insight enabled Larry domain launched full network group purchase website, recently, Feng Xiaohai’s detail was quite tortuous and interesting experience to buy the domain name.

"full house" is one of the domestic popular vocabulary, the earliest for Tang · Wang Bo "Pavilion of Prince Teng" Order: Trinidad flatter, nevertheless. When the full network domain name, the domain name CN is to catch up with the new deal, even if the price is cheap but the domain name CN CN domain name is less attention, because before the full network start-up team is engaged in the Internet industry, understand the importance of the domain name, so the final COM domain name.

Feng Xiaohai was in the domain name et al. There are several main principles: one is to be Larry, two is Chinese characters inside to remember words, three is not a homonym, four is the domain name which do not tour words, five classic words, the above factors based on, because of the shareholders of Wang Ke proposed the concept of "Trinidad flatter and friends", let everybody feel good it was agreed to enable the domain name.

It is understood that the domain name is just a site in Europe to do business, by Feng Xiaohai et al and the seller after the multi-party negotiations results with the price of 100 thousand yuan to take down the domain name, the domain name has now value is several times the original purchase price of the domain name.

domestic luxury shopping website Luxuries network founder and CEO Zhao Shicheng said, according to the characteristics of thinking Chinese, a reference to "friends" will think of "full house", "full house" in the idiom at the end, according to the characteristics of human memory, "full house" even more impressive.

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