Phoenix Technology News Beijing on June 18th news, according to Reuters, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange Mt Gox on Tuesday approved by the court, the United States started in accordance with the "bankruptcy law" chapter fifteenth bankruptcy protection performance. Mt Gox is still awaiting approval from the court for its reconciliation with the u.s..

Mt Gox announced earlier this year suffered a hacker attack, lost 850 thousand bitcoins. According to current prices, the price of these bitcoins over $500 million. Mt Gox then closed its website, but later said it had recovered 200 thousand bitcoins.

Mt Gox filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States in March this year, in order to prevent the submission of class action of U.S. users to freeze their computer servers and other U.S. assets, as well as the requirement to produce evidence, meet with Mt Gox executives. Since then, Mt Gox reached a settlement with the class action plaintiffs, is currently awaiting the final approval of the federal court in Chicago.

U.S. bankruptcy court judge Staci · (Stacey Jernigan) approved the application of Mt Gox, allowing Mt Gox foreign representative filed a lawsuit to recover potential funds to repay creditors. Under the agreement, the United States and Canada users will share 200 thousand shares held by Mt Gox and Mt Gox after the sale of $16.5%.

by entrepreneur Brook · Pearce (Brock Pierce) and venture capitalist William · Quirke (William Quigley) support Sunlot company, has proposed to a bitcoin, or about $600 acquisition of Mt Gox. The transaction must be approved by the Tokyo District Court responsible for the Mt Gox bankruptcy proceedings. (compiler / Xiao rain)

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