network group buying: opportunity and crisis coexist

regardless of the number of operators or from the perspective of turnover, network group buying is showing rapid development momentum, but on the other hand, some of the network began to reduce the size of the group buying business scale. Once earned big eyeball network group is facing new opportunities for development and survival crisis.

in Beijing and the Shanghai subway station, star Ge You the finger to do a large group purchase website advertising, the famous Japanese cartoon "Dora A dream" has become the spokesman of the group purchase website. Earlier this year, the group announced the launch of the site’s advertising budget are over billion yuan: 550 million yuan Po group, the public comment network of $300 million, glutinous rice net $200 million, the U.S. mission network of $140 million……

according to statistics, in January 2011, the number of our group purchase site is 2630, the end of June 2011, rising to 5300, the end of July 2011, rising to 5472, but this time from March 2010, the first domestic group purchase site of the United States Mission online line only 16 months.

network group purchase the user scale and the trading volume continues to rise, as of the end of June 2011, China’s network group purchase of users has reached 42 million 200 thousand people, to enhance the utilization rate to 8.7%, compared with January an increase of up to 125%. According to the latest statistics independent group navigation website group 800 show that in July this year, the total sales of the network group buying industry for the first time exceeded $1 billion mark.

All kinds of

data transmission of information seems to indicate that the group purchase industry is in the development of the situation, be in full swing but at the same time, due to lack of standardized management, the network group purchase industry troubled consumer disputes is also facing a crisis of development. A number of layoffs and shutting down the site group purchase website news people "chill", such as the originator of the Groupon version of Chinese group purchase site Gaopeng large-scale layoffs of 400 people, 14 city sites revoked; meituan closed in Chifeng, Longyan, Yulin, Ma’anshan 4 city sub station; happy group in Nanjing, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Xiamen and other 12 city site is "adjustment".


industry commentators believe that the advertising promotion group purchase website had to "burn", only "peibenzhuanyaohe". The industry has predicted that the domestic more than 5 thousand buy site will be dead, only to reach the size of the group of four or five to buy the site will eventually dominate the market. Su Huiyan, an analyst at the market consulting firm, said: "in the face of the cold of external funds, the lack of internal funds under pressure, buy site has entered the winter."

consumer market: purifying the environment is a priority

network can expand the consumer market, the key is to establish a set of effective, healthy and standardized operation mode. At present, some of the big buy site from me, began to take the lead in the purification of the consumer market environment, the relevant departments need to increase the intensity of standardized management.

people see that some of the lack of profitability and capital chain tension

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