December 2012, the scene in Chinese economic person of the year award CCTV, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin and chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba Ma jointly set up a whopping $one hundred million bet: by 2020, if the electricity supplier in the China retail market accounted for more than 50%, then Wang Jianlin will lose one hundred million Ma, Ma otherwise lost to Wang Jianlin one hundred million. Yesterday (August 27th) there is news that Wanda will jointly Baidu, Tencent set up a new e-commerce company, the total investment of three parties to the new e-commerce company was $5 billion, and held a press conference on Friday.

now, when the bet will evolve into a battle between the two companies". Compared with Ma set 100 million yuan electricity gamble, Wang Jianlin didn’t seem to care too much about the result of gambling, but one thing is for sure, Wang Jianlin did not want to lose the electricity supplier in this world".


of this cooperation, the "daily economic news" reporter yesterday had to Wanda Group to the relevant departments to verify, it did not deny the news, just to keep silent about the specific content. Yesterday, the reporter also received an invitation to the conference on Friday wanda. According to the reporter, Wang Jianlin may also appear on Friday’s conference.


, Analysys International analyst Wang Xiaoxing said that if the three party cooperation in the development of the electricity supplier, is the current news, the business model is not clear, specific and detailed rules for the implementation of the strategic direction for further observation. There is also the view that, with hundreds of millions of consumers as Wanda Commercial real estate speculators, the other two parties is the Internet giant, three party cooperation to create a business platform, will become the industry’s new spoiler.

spent 3 years to establish a profit model

according to the current news, Wanda Group and Baidu, Tencent joint venture will explore the O2O model, with a total investment of about 5 billion yuan, of which Wanda holdings of $70%, Tencent and Baidu each holding 15%. But for this kind of cooperation rules, three parties are silent.

it is understood that, in Ma and bet on, Wang Jianlin has begun to layout its electricity supplier development. At the end of a public speech, Wang Jianlin has revealed the development of business strategy: first, Wanda electricity supplier is under the line of Wanda Plaza to form an integrated "O2O" business model "; second members, big data is the core of Wanda electricity supplier.

Wanda electricity supplier, will be a new business model." March of this year, Wang Jianlin in the daily economic news reporter, said. It also suggested that Wanda strive for 3 years, up to 5 years to do more than 100 million members.

July 2014, Wanda electricity supplier of new management appointments, the original COO Dong policy appointed CEO, former vice president of the high gorge Gaopeng appointed COO, former U.S. Army large Losangeles area CIO Cao Newegg as CTO.

Wanda Group in 2014 semi annual report, Wang Jianlin said, Wanda do anything, ultimately want to pursue profitability…… 000.

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