lead: U.S. online magazine Slate today published a signed Farhad · Manyueao (Farhad Manjoo) the article said, with the usage of the tablet computer increases gradually, each big website should pay attention to this kind of equipment, even in the development of the site, should first consider the mobile device experience, and then design the transplantation simple to desktop.

below is the full text of the article:


every morning, as long as I get up early, will pick up the iPad browse the morning headlines of science and technology. It is normal, but I often browse the website is very suck. Take TechCrunch, the technology blog on the tablet computer often leads to my crazy.

first, slow loading speed. The loading sequence of the entire page element is not reasonable at first – the text is displayed first, then the top and right navigation bars, and after a few seconds, the title will appear. By this time, I was depressed. But after the article came out, so I still feel like a calm, and began to read. However, when the page is loaded, after about half a second, the text and title suddenly disappeared. What?! why did it appear and disappear?

if you are lucky enough, this situation will last for only a second and then return to normal. So, you might think that the system is flawed, they forgive the designer of the TechCrunch – after all, they developed the site, for the traditional PC, and you are using a strange tablet PC.

but sometimes, you’re not so lucky. The text will flicker repeatedly, and then, the entire site is gone, leaving only TechCrunch iPad application advertising. In order to read the article, you have to click on a small poor link to close the ad. By this time, in order to read this article, you have been waiting for nearly 10 seconds, the whole person is going to explode, hate can never look at TechCrunch.

but you can’t. If you abandon it because of the poor performance of a site on the iPad, you might want to abandon the internet. The TechCrunch mobile experience is certainly not good, but not bad. From the New York Times to New York guest, from Google news to Salon, and even Slate, many news sites on the tablet display is very bad. In fact, not just news sites, and even Amazon and other large Internet companies in the iPad display is not good.

adjust thinking

The problem with

is that the content of many web sites is too crowded to be suitable for tablets. When you load a web site on iPad, you often see text, pictures, and videos. The code of these sites is too slow, too many loopholes, not suitable for small size device >

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