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e-commerce, a website dedicated to providing hosting services for personal online shop owners. Yesterday, the reporter noted that a website called net Ya website launched online hosting services, that is, the shop owner will own shop to the network management, and net profit in the net, will be proportional to the commission. However, this is not the shop owner managed mode "at home can be a boon to" so simple, shop in the delivery of high service fees, also need to take the risk of a "zero profit" business year.

shop hosting industry quietly appeared

net Ya Network staff Hwang said that the shop owner will deliver the individual shop net ah net after hosting the owners only need to provide product information, purchase, delivery and other simple work, other daily operations shall be responsible for the work of net net ah.

According to

, the shop owner needs to pay a service fee of 13800 yuan in the managed before, for customer service in store, labor costs, marketing and other costs. And then, when the net net Ya helped him earn 13800 yuan in profits, in the contract period every sale of a commodity, net net will select the items you 25% of the profit as a percentage of net net, if ya did not complete the 13800 yuan of profit, will not earn partial refund the shopkeeper.

he, for example, the contract period, if the net net only help the store to earn a profit of 10000 yuan, then the network will be returned to the owner of the network will be $3800. And if the contract period, the net in the net to help the store to earn 13800 yuan profit, each selling a commodity network will be extracted from the net profit of goods as a commission of 25%.

according to the network network introduced, this hosting model began in August 2009, is currently in the network between the network hosting shop in 1000-2000 home. Net Ya Network CEO Du Pengyun has said, net Ya network hosting can be extended for the seller to save time and cost, but also makes the seller will not be affected by the part-time shop without taking into account the business of the shop.

shop owner questioned the digital scam


is not able to achieve after hosting, hosting parties said the marketing effect? I have built a reputation and quality of service will be reduced? Shop information will not reveal to me?" the shop owner Mr. Guan also expressed his concerns. In Guan’s view, the shop will be more responsible for their own management than hosting, quality of service will be higher than the hosting model. At the same time, he believes that if the advance payment of 13800 yuan service fee, will increase their operating costs.

some small shop owner and Mr. Guan has the same concerns. They believe that their own shop operating costs are not high, if the choice of hosting, before the payment of a high profit service fees, but also bear the risk of a year can not be profitable, some do not".

and the reporter found that, in accordance with the net Ya net argument, if the contract period in the store profit is not more than 13800 yuan, the shop will appear both the sale of goods and zero profit >

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