webmaster network October 26th news, Henan’s first Internet Conference in Zhengzhou in October 25th, China Mobile Henan company Zhengzhou branch on the eighth floor conference room, the meeting hosted by the Henan alliance, the theme of the conference is: Henan to speed up the development of the Internet, the Internet to promote the rise of Central Plains, more than 400 owners from Henan province to participate in the meeting, Wang Tong, the king (Zhang Zhengjun), Dong Qinfeng, Guo Jijun, Pei Dapeng, Yue Mingtu and other guests attended the meeting and made a keynote speech.

2009 Henan internet conference site

attend the meeting of the guests and the webmaster


the meeting presided over the Henan union secretary general Adu (Du Yongguang


network alliance President Li Yingju delivered a speech

vice president of China University Students Network Vice President Chen made a speech

Dong Qinfeng

founder of the forum to share personal experience

webmaster network founder Wang (Zhang Zhengjun) to share how to make money

Guo Jijun

station owners to share how to operate SNS website

Black Hawk tutorial network founder rice share their successful experience of

Beijing King Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Tong: website optimization tips

Pei Dapeng, vice president of

shopex keynote speech: the status quo and development trend of e-commerce in China

China’s largest age (76 years old) Li Yubin old man to participate in the webmaster conference

According to the organizers of Henan

network, hosting this conference, designed for the majority of Henan station service, build a communication, learning, communication, development and cooperation platform, Henan unite the power of the Internet to promote the rise of the Central Plains of the Internet


Henan Wangmeng WITHUB salon is the Central Plains to the IT industry as the center, entrepreneurs and managers as the main body of the non-profit public welfare organized. "Education nurtures oneself" is Henan WebUnion existence value, the spirit of "sharing, cooperation and exchange" concept, WITHUB salon will work hard for the rise of central China’s information industry.

Henan WebUnion brand WITHUB salon was founded in 2007 06 months, has continuously hosted hundreds of different theme activities, has become a public business networking platform of Henan Internet industry’s largest, most influential and most valuable. WITHUB salon efforts for industry to build a platform for the exchange of ideas and communication, and promote win-win, healthy and coordinated development of the related industries, and promote business cooperation, in interpersonal communication on the basis of investment and financing and other business services.

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