China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and the Internet software system Alliance (ISC) 8, the establishment of a joint laboratory of Internet technology, the research and development of the laboratory will be committed to the domain name protection.

Dr. Li Xiaodong, deputy director of

CNNIC said that the two sides will conduct in-depth research, including in the next generation of Internet technology: the trusted domain DNS software next generation (BIND10) domain name service security development, the next generation development agreement (DNSSEC) in Chinese deployment, DNS measurement and analysis project (SIE) to promote and implement emergency in response to the failure of the domain name system the first time the use of both leading technology.

domain name security has attracted more and more attention, last month, Baidu website was hacked in DNS process, users input is parsed to other sites, seriously affecting the users access experience, also caused the industry to DNS Security concerns.

CNNIC Li Xiaodong said that the joint ISC the establishment of Internet technology laboratory, is the hope that the two sides jointly develop more security technology security domain name system, effectively prevent similar Baidu domain name domain name hijacking and other loopholes in the system, so as to enhance the safety and reliability of the Internet domain name system.

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