if you want to sell idle second-hand laptop on the Internet, but worried about the buyer does not give money to do? The best buyers can pay in advance; on the other hand, buyers may also be worried that you do not pay the finished goods. In addition to crunching, the best way is to find a trading guarantee.


products can provide trading guarantee transaction security, for the sale of the process is as follows:

seller initiated trades, after the payment of the buyers of Alipay to help buyers custody payment, such as buyers after the confirmation of Alipay to harvest payment to the seller.


but in earlier, both parties can complete the transaction on the Alipay website. It would be nice if you could complete a transaction in your own blog or watercress community. Now you can do it.

today, Alipay officially launched the trading guarantee open plan for the third party website, community and personal blog to provide free escrow funds, goods issue, automatically divided into services, web users can directly use secured transactions at the web site.

currently provides a secure trading platform to provide fast access and API access two access modes, can help solve the security problem of C2C transactions on the third party website.

fast access


users to add support for Alipay security trading options in third party sites in. Through the Alipay intermediate account guarantee buyers trading capital, with secured transactions issued in the commodity information in the purchase link or button. Small amount of technical development, simply submit the necessary access information online, can be opened after the audit. In addition, personalized presentation can directly generate text chain, buttons and other styles.

this way is relatively simple, first log on to the third party site (with mogujie.com as an example), the introduction of second-hand transactions:


fill in the information and logistics information content:


input Alipay account:


confirm information and release:


create a successful page:


API access

API interface with Alipay

secured transactions external to provide unified, third party website through API interface. Provide for users

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