mobile information development in the early stages, from 2012 until 2013, the entire market share is basically NetEase news, Sohu news, Tencent news three. But after 2014, the pattern began to change, Tencent news gradually opened the distance with the opponent, while today’s headlines with personalized recommendation, rapidly moving into the second echelon of mobile information. After entering the second half of 2015, the pattern has changed, today’s headlines gradually emerge from the second echelon.


but after the launch of Tencent daily express, this situation is facing the possibility of being broken. Tencent itself has an advantage in the accumulation of content, the daily express is a substantial expansion of the content distribution channels Tencent – which will make the content of the Tencent to get a greater degree of release.

Tencent news all the way to the left, the first overlord into mobile information


according to QuestMobile6 months of statistics show that the number of daily active users of Tencent news APP and the number of monthly active users have ranked first, far ahead of other mobile information platform. Tencent news has been the flagship of the fact faction, although it has increased the interest of the class recommended content, but only as an auxiliary, Tencent news as a whole is still close to the news, do not deliberately highlight the fun. Tencent news all the way to the left running, the mobile information industry leader, Liu Kuang personally think that the main benefit from the following aspects.


of a Tencent, news of the past traditional portal media resources and based on the advantages, has a huge media content editing team, provides a powerful support for the quality of content and accurate news for Tencent. Today, Tencent news in the mobile terminal is still uphold and continue to continue to invest in the traditional era of high-quality content portal.

second, Tencent news client in terms of product operations and user experience is also constantly optimized, but also adhere to reform and innovation. For example, in personalization recommendation interest, the Tencent news does not take interest as the main recommendation, but also not ignore user interest information for recommended reading, they are continuing to strengthen efforts in this regard.

third, Tencent news with WeChat, mobile QQ access to a strong social attributes, with the help of WeChat, mobile QQ, application treasure and other channels and entrance support, access to a strong source of traffic.

fourth, Penguin media launched the "mangzhong plan", for those who adhere to the original, deep quality content / media from the media, the Tencent will also give the annual total of 200 million yuan of subsidies, which greatly stimulate and attract the media, from the media to create a large number of high-quality original content.

content, products, channels, the strength of the platform has become the Tencent news in mobile information APP topped the list of four carriages. But although the Tencent news ranked top news client, but also have to.

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