modern domain name love story!

God asked: do you have a domain name?

Juliet: Yes, and a lot.

I tell you, a suitable domain name is half of your success. Whether you are a personal webmaster, or company.
good domain name, will carry your success!

now offers domain name evaluation services. The advantage of
that our service tenet is: for your domain name trading escort, do you name the butler!


service process:

second steps: screening, screening for the delivery of domain name.

third steps: assessment, assessment of the domain name after screening.

fifth step: recommended, recommended for the screening of the domain name. The sixth step:

transactions on both sides began trading process.

our service will be one to one service. Butler service.

1: butler service:
          your domain name delivered to us, we will deliver up to the domain name for a rigorous screening, the higher need or value scale domain name "report" assessment of the domain name market, including: market assessment value you the domain name is the basic meaning of the industry in the comprehensive assessment, and evaluation report to the buyer sends the domain name holder and intends to purchase the domain name, including industry analysis report, market report, domain assessment price guidance etc..

2: the domain name holder service:
            your domain name through our screening, we will use the large user groups for advertising, and in the conditions of the domain name for your promotion (including other website advertising). We are only for your domain

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