training objectives: proficient in CSS, write in line with the requirements of the web page, in order to search engine included. Common CMS use, can use the common CMS quickly build their own needs of the site.


] February 27, 2014 commencement time

[learning object] personal enthusiasts, personal webmaster, web editor, SEO technology, web designer, programmer

course registration: only 580 yuan / person

price does not include taxes, and now the price is to allow more people to learn, while expanding our reputation.


Q, current electronic commerce technical director of a company in Ningbo, engaged in the development of the network teaching and the front page. Familiar with CSS layout, HTML good code structure, like jQuery, PHP and Linux technology.

a basic knowledge

1, had to say nonsense: opening.

2, the necessary software: firefox+firebug, ietester, Chrome browser, opera browser, focusing on firebug, ietester use

3, recommend a few useful front-end design software: EDITPLUS, GVIM, webstorm

(see full speed using the VIM editor to edit the page, the speed, the efficiency is not half the effort can be described, you have to fall in love with him, according to the needs of students, you can increase the use of the VIM editor to explain).)

4, a good HTML structure is the top priority of the CSS layout, is the basis of efficient page.

a, a document statement writing,.

rendering mode DOCTYPE and browser

B, HTML code written in

C, introduced a few HTML5 recommendations can be used immediately strong semantic tags: article, section, NAV, aside and other

5, the introduction of several methods of.


two CSS selector

1, planning, organizing and maintaining style sheets

2, commonly used selector:

universal selector

advanced selector

stack and specificity


three visual format model:

1, CSS box model.

2, blank overlay

four CSS layout of several models

1, the normal flow and relative positioning

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