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, the creation of a novice webmaster website now becomes very simple form of free open source program full satisfied a novice Webmaster Station, novice webmaster no longer need to know too much code knowledge, you can easily create a website. In many of the open source program, the author compared love to forum, forum program is the most perfect, the most efficient operation of a station program, suitable for novice webmaster very. What is more important is that the forum can enrich your knowledge, cultivate the nature of your thinking and move forward with your earning power. Forum seems simple, but it is the most difficult form of successful operation of the site, the operation of the forum needs to have a more comprehensive and systematic knowledge. In this paper, the principal Narrative under the pen novice Webmaster Station and learn a operation from several reasons make a beginning of the forum.

one, the perfect forum program, easy to learn and easy to answer questions in a timely manner, more suitable for novice Adsense pick station. The forum program through years of development, has now become the most perfect ride station program, coupled with strong financial support and development strength, trust forum program will be further developed, with various functions on a master station needs. PHPWIND forum has been buying Alibaba, Tencent DISCUZ forum has been bought, standing on the man’s arm will go farther. In order to satisfy the more novice webmaster forum program on station needs to have been carried out during the installation and use of a fool, a thorough understanding of the people through the code must not learn can easily build a website. Moreover, the detailed use of the forum program is also very fast, you do not need to understand what the code, only need to know how to set it up. Of course, you in the details of the use of the forum program, will meet many questions, you can go to the official forum to learn, also can put your questions directly in the official forum, many enthusiastic owners will answer your questions, to deal with your questions, this is one of the reasons for what many in the forum program any webmaster. Many do not have a computer set of the webmaster is accompanied by the growth of the forum program, the author is a thorough understanding of the code of the webmaster. Active consideration, the automatic learning is a novice webmaster is necessary to have the nature of the move, otherwise, that is a simple procedure, you also difficult to skilled use.

two, interactive forum allows novice webmaster to understand the importance of satisfying the needs of users. This forum, said that is the point of communication, or according to a preference, or according to a certain interest, or to pass the time, are in order to satisfy people’s social needs, people have to interact with others, can be satisfied with self energy and practical interests with others communication needs. Therefore, there is not only as a forum filled web content, interactive behavior between the needs of the user, episodes of interaction and communication needs between users, the user needs a self declared between the opinions and views. How to attract users, how to implement user interaction, how to mobilize the users, about these questions to consider, will allow you to better understand the essence of the operation of the site location, you summed up in actual combat operations.

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