"everyone is the director of life", "everyone is a news reporter"…… These are the words that you may feel familiar, but to the development of the Internet now, we find that the world has become "everyone wants to do something".

complete statement should be like this: because the Internet is highly fragmented, audience distraction, many people find that direct selling things to have hunbuxiaqu, so they will think of some way to save people, and finally find what to sell this group of people.

do content, so it became the 2016 Internet operation the most red argument.

if you want to ask what is the content, I’m afraid no one can give a clear definition. But this did not stop people talking about it in a variety of words, such as the major part of Taobao "Taobao headlines", "little red book will buy list, the uneven level of all kinds of marketing public number, of course, all kinds of video (called" Life Aesthetics "). In order to speed up the audience, it is best to use red and KOL – but in the end they can play much value, but no one really calculated.

their common purpose is to attract the attention of consumers wandering on the internet. Inevitably, wondering how to make an explosion or the use of various methods of hot rub has become a common thing. In the Baoqiang Wang divorce case made from selling Taobao raise a Babel of criticism of that time, baby stroller to sell shoes are fast to write related topics, while Taobao, even put them to save a heap, the waterfall stream unified user subscription to store a conspicuous entrance.

why do we fall into this is not saving solution? It fits the pseudo headline manufacturing, what kind of impact will be



typical foreign content to do the case is Airbnb’s Pineapple magazine, the content related to its business related travel and lifestyle, pictures from quiet.ly

said, "do content" is actually a very old topic. Michelin began selling tires to do brand marketing through the "Michelin delicacy guide" in 100 years ago, LV began publishing its "City Guide" since 1998, and Red Bull drinks, because the marketing done well, it simply in 2007 to set up an independent media company specializes in content, and that many people do not know the clothing brand Benetton, it even made the world’s coolest magazine (COLORS in 2015 "is rumored to have been close to", unpublished new year).


LV updated annual city guide travel books, pictures from du>

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