see a lot of older articles in Admin5, and also learned a lot of things, but is almost a thousand times, not what the detailed work plan, the method may be several, but that are suitable for their own website promotion, promotion details are not summarized today for the first time in the webmaster online! According to the article, just a little of his own experience in planning your website rookie promotion plan, later I will according to their plan to write out the problems and experience in the promotion, also hope that the predecessors master a lot of guidance and communication.

we are a Home Furnishing website interested can look (don’t say I’m soft oh) now we website PR ranked the 4 important not to mention, on IP in about 2000, is now the bottleneck when flow, can not find a breakthrough. The site’s 2000Ip comes mainly from Baidu know. Baidu know it is recommended that you use a lot of this platform, is a more effective way, but also to ask YAHOO knowledge hall and other platforms, but compared to the effect of Baidu is the best. But Baidu is a little uncomfortable to work for a long time, no way…. Now look at my promotion plan!

my promotion plan in the short and long term plan, the purpose is to combine a variety of promotion methods in a period of time to study the effect, because the industry website is different, so it is necessary to promote the road. Later I will continue to put the details of the promotion of their own, self promotion of the road lies in the details, the details determine success or failure!

(long term) according to site specific information making promotion mode, combined with a variety of promotion methods: search engine, web site resources cooperation, information dissemination, Forum promotion, blog promotion, promotion activities, paid advertising, integrate a variety of models, combined with other googleAnalytics data analysis, determined to promote the most efficient promotion mode the most effective, in order to achieve the promotion effect of the website


to the online trading market, online advertising platform and other products to release the company’s product information, to achieve publicity.

blog promotion plan

{website promotion plan to Sina blog this year!

at the same time the daily maintenance of Web site links, always control the major search engines included in the page and ranking data.

job details:

keep updated Sina blog info!

submitted to the blog blog blog to increase the amount of exposure to increase the content of


increase blog links to improve traffic!

work purpose: to Sina blog as a platform to drive the site traffic, and with the help of the blog platform for the user to improve a kind of communication and >

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