I recently in charge of the promotion of a car product, lost in the past few months have been. Although the automobile products has its particularity, but also like the majority of product promotion, promotion methods and techniques. This paper will explain some effective and low cost of online and offline promotion methods.

a, online promotion

online product promotion, the most popular is SEO and SEM, these methods have too much information on the Internet, this article ignores this part. SEO needs some time, SEM needs some money. And the author explained these, come to inquiry more quickly, and the time and energy is relatively small.

1, QQ group promotion

I am responsible for this product is called parking lock, since it is a car product, its target user base is the owner, hotels, parking lot, etc.. I joined the local car group, such as Changsha XX car group, etc.. Join the group, this is the first extraction group QQ member mailbox, to facilitate future products in bulk. Secondly, it is to change the personal business card to XXX manufacturers or XX sales, and so on, and often send some funny pictures, improve their exposure, so that members of the group concerned about their own.

in the QQ group promotion, remember abrasive advertising, it is likely that the main offensive, and a group of T. Funny pictures, suitable for the old and the young, both men and women. QQ group promotion effect is slow, but also can bring some sporadic inquiry. Of course, if you find competitors in this group, may also take the emails to the swift-footed arrive first.

2, local forum

portal or comprehensive forum, there are generally automotive sector. At this time, you only need to find the station manager, pay a small amount of money, will be able to own ads on top of the car plate. The content of the post, can be roughly AD information, such as "XXX direct manufacturers, now thirty percent off limited sale!", can also be a fatal problem "Parking" tell you the unknown, the more love after a soft advertising, absolutely lethal effect is good than the first one.

More than two kinds of

is the actual combat, and extremely effective promotion methods, especially the second. Other online promotion, such as blogs and soft Wen marketing, I think the blog needs a long time, and the effect is not so good as imagined. And marketing, need careful planning, and unremittingly improves the exposure rate, as well as carefully prepared a soft advertising, in the car plate top.

two, offline promotion

online and offline to promote the truth, in fact, to find the precise target customers, highlighting product advantages, improve the exposure rate, so simple. Under the promotion of the line, small businesses should not be overwhelming, such as street hair leaflets, paste ads everywhere. These methods not only waste a lot of energy and money, but also have little effect. The author follows several promotion methods, more suitable for the promotion of automobile products.


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