what station is regarded as a personal website, my definition is in addition to the operation of the company in the form of personal website. Generally speaking, there are two characteristics of personal website.

is a small number of people, the number of large number of personal sites from the site to the content to the publicity, is a person to do, such as the Zhaoqing part-time network of this dumpster;

two is the capital, the vast number of personal websites are lack of funds, as I like the webmaster is almost saving from living to do, not like YOUNGD as a strong background — Guangdong radio support, a large amount of capital.


two features a personal decision station cannot and should not be like the portal, ask for perfection, blindly follow the trend, finally may be nothing. Therefore, accurate positioning is the most critical step in the success of personal websites.

a, only for a special group of services. Samsung’s success lies in the white-collar bourgeoisie, Baidu post success, is to grasp the students. Personal property is the lack of personal sites, but also should focus on the advantages of the main target after a breakdown of the group. For example, if you want to do a forum, the national Internet users included, and pictures, movies, music, jokes seem to be grabbed, ages, but no feature, also cannot be gathered popularity. On the contrary, if you put in the forum as a special group to provide services, such as a forum for gay dance, a gay forum, for people to do a love storytelling storytelling forum, then love dance, your forum members, linfe.

two, only do their own deep understanding of the content. If you don’t understand storytelling, storytelling network certainly not you do it to impress those storytelling enthusiasts, if you don’t understand hip-hop, you come out of the street network may be just some hip-hop pictures and simple display tutorial. Only if you have a deeper understanding of a certain aspect of the content, you will know what your users really like, and you can make what they really need.

three, only to do their own resources to promote the site. Do a website is not difficult, difficult is how to promote his operation. Yesterday in a webmaster QQ exchange group met a person, said he wants to do a site navigation station, and in two months to make IP bigger than twenty thousand. I was surprised by the subsequent communication that he didn’t even know where to place the code, such as webmaster statistics. I have no language. If they do not have traffic support, not to burn, want to put a seemingly HAO123 navigation station to do 20 thousand IP easier said than done.

if you do not have the flow of support how to do it, do not do not have to do web site, there is no webmaster willing to join a website that can not bring any traffic for him. So, can not stand it? Of course, to do the content of the station, as long as the content editing properly, SEO moderate, then the search engine can bring you a lot of traffic and revenue.

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