saw a lot of friends in this area of the article, so he summed up what to write out.

1.        search engine promotion method:
the site dynamic pages to generate static pages, increase search engine friendly and convenient search engines crawl.
content page to add website and head to the bottom, and to appropriately increase the page, and related keywords within the chain. This can increase the search engine friendly, but also to make the site more clear structure. The user can easily through the chain to find what he wants things to the
page for example: (1) add sites of the head and the bottom of the

(3) increase the courses related to link
the promotion need to optimize the site itself, on the one hand to increase search engine friendliness, on the one hand to increase user experience and favorability.

2. resources cooperation promotion methods:
the site resources (such as video courseware) to carry out cooperation with partners, to achieve resource sharing, to jointly expand the purpose of income.
the promotion needs certain resources, and can share resources with partners on the content of cooperation. High quality links need content related to us, influential business companies, government agencies, high PR sites. If it is the use of the form of advertising alliance and partner sales, promotion costs.


4. network advertising method
by web site advertising a large area of advertising, let users click, click billing. According to the effective amount of CPM (now basically according to the effective display.

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