With the development of market economy, more and more enterprises use

as a tool for sale. Can be in the actual sales work, there are many telephone sales staff will not play the sales call, often very casual lost the chance of business transactions. So how to master the telephone sales skills to make good sales calls?

Chinese telephone marketing network (www.telmk.com) recently wrote Miss Hu said first, telephone sales staff can only rely on "hearing" to "see" all reaction prospective customers and judge whether the correct direction of sales, similarly, prospective customers on the phone also can not see the telephone sales staff’s body language, facial expressions, quasi customers can only pass through him and hear the sound of the message to judge whether I love the sales staff, whether you can trust this person, and decide whether to continue the conversation.

second, in the process of phone sales if there is no way to let prospective customers are interested in 20~30 seconds, prospective clients may terminate the call, because they do not love a waste of time to listen to some and their related things, unless the call that they produce some benefits. So, the best sales process is the phone sales staff said 1/3 time, while allowing prospective customers to say 2/3 time, so you can maintain a good two-way communication model.

recommends the following Chinese telephone marketing network Hu Hu summed up the 5 point phone sales skills to everyone:

telephone sales skills first points, the purpose of the phone clear.

many of our sales staff, before the phone did not seriously think, do not organize the language, the results of the phone call to find the words did not say that the sales target is not achieved. For example: I would like to give a product of their potential customers to call, my purpose is to communicate through the phone to let the other side to know more about my products, the opportunity to buy my product. With this purpose, I will design the most concise product description language, and then according to the needs of each other to introduce the performance and price of the product. Finally to the other side to leave a deep impression, in order to achieve the purpose of sales. Therefore, the use of telephone marketing must be clear purpose.

phone sales skills second points, the tone should be smooth, articulation clear, concise language.

has a lot of sales due to fear of being rejected, picked up the phone on the tension, tone, speed too fast, clear articulation, which will affect you and the other exchanges. I often received a phone call from sales report, unclear company name, please do not say, can not figure out what he wanted, but refused to. Sometimes he is clear purpose, it will take a few minutes, and then patiently listening to his presentation, the results still do not understand what is the product? Therefore, in the telephone sales, we must make their own tone smooth, so that the other party to understand what you are talking about, it is best to speak standard mandarin. Language should be as simple as possible, when it comes to the product must be aggravated tone, to attract the attention of customers.

phone sales skills third points, you have to know who the call is.


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