when we do the market, we need to understand the types of consumers and their consumption patterns, so that we can make a reasonable marketing strategy layout, which can have been in fine differentiation in the market, the application and practice of marketing suitable difference.

differentiated marketing: what is it?

Marketing is the so-called

difference, refers to an enterprise to choose a few interests as the biggest son market target market, then according to the different sub markets provide different products and services, of course, there are different ways of promotion.

differentiated marketing: application and practice

For example, the

company Amoy K net, is a Guangzhou style KTV predetermined vertical electronic commerce website as the main business. The KTV market is divided into traditional KTV (nightclub, club), style KTV, as a traditional type of KTV, the business property is dense, so it is not our Amoy K network development direction, so we are the main style KTV scheduled.

But the

style KTV itself will be divided into several different sub markets, such as business type style KTV style KTV style KTV, entertainment, consumer oriented students.

then according to these different markets, we can take the discount type KTV has a partnership with Amoy K nets to a more detailed division of the market, can the nature of business style KTV and the sub market, which can promote the market behavior.

when we face the business style KTV consumer groups, such as KTV, PPASs, KTV box, we should conduct the main business entertainment white-collar consumer groups, whether it is text or picture and so on, needs and business are closely related, but the main push high-end wine package;

similarly, when we face the style KTV students consumption type, such as KTV, KTV and other candy Pinyin, we should pay more attention to reflect the price, as detailed in the text to highlight how to save more money, after all, not as what source of income for the students, which is the truth in the world, to the province a block is a block. So we should push all kinds of Amoy K net special exclusive price concessions, in order to let students consumer can get a very good feeling to sing K.

is the next entertainment style KTV KTV, the most important feature of this characteristic is the most common style KTV, it does not focus on business or the student consumer, but comprehensive entertainment, such as Grandview Plaza and PTV KTV Song Hui Chao, focus of this store is to highlight the buffet very attractive price. Not cheap, but many people love to go, because the size of a suitable men and women, old and young to, so every one hour before work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this time, after all, is scheduled to peak, so for this style k>

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