There is a saying: do not use

‘s poster? Please look at Durex. However, in the food and beverage industry, creative Montana is none other than the non Coca-Cola. Every time out hot, every festival occasion, whether from posters or copy, Coca-Cola’s ideas are create new styles.

plum flowers for your inventory of a set of Coca-Cola creative copy of the works in 2016, come together to enjoy it!

all kinds of creative graphic

boys arrival time < female arrival time, reason turned out to be such a case: (ps:: Oh my God, is divided into inner minutes into




lovely people to sleep Oh ~ (ps: kind of inexplicable cute, there are wood)


heard each chowhound heart, there is a clock like this. Do not do not admit, the silent point of praise ~ ~ (ps: ha ha, plum flowers have been quietly praise Oh ~ ~)



Beauty is said to have the necessary skills is lower (ps: girls do not understand, explain



the most romantic formula: your beauty (mg) stole my heart (zinc). (ps: can’t understand the learning slag!)


tacit understanding, usually from the same thing to start.


we all have a strong dream, good night.


all kinds of interesting interactive

small refrigerator location: /3°

your seat: ___ /___



those who cannot explain the life illusion, you caught a



is said to be sending a sub problem, fast to say your answer (~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ps: did not expect you to be such a coke)


first saw a word, is what you should do next ~


national day, you are most worried about…… Small right ~



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