I am a student, I also do a web site, through their own exploration, I sum up some of the students to promote their own website.

1 through the students to promote the site, the strength of students is infinite. At first, I printed two boxes of business cards (business cards to do fine, do not do too rough) a total of 200, spent $15. On the front side of the business card printed on my contact, printed on the reverse side of my web site and Logo, sent to my classmates. Moreover, I basically will be our classmates on the computer home page is set up my web page.

2 posted ads at school. First of all, in the design of the A4 paper on the content of the ad (not too many words), I designed the content is "www.73int.cn is what? Go and see if you don’t know!" A total of two lines of characters. Print 100 copies in each building billboards and cafeteria billboards these high traffic areas posted in this way brought unexpected traffic.

3 advertising in a school run newspaper. Each school has a lot of association, some Association issued his own newspaper in the school, generally in the association of newspaper advertising price is cheaper, I’ll find a newspaper to make an advertisement, a cost 5 yuan. Very cheap. It is best to find a newspaper with the content of their web site want to close the advertising. For example, if you are a fiction website, you can find a newspaper published in the literature society.

in fact, there are many ways to promote the site, as long as they think, will think of a better way to promote.

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