a web site to stop the visitors must do a good job site quality. If the content of your site is the same as other sites, think about who else will go to see your site, of course, this can not keep the spider. So to make your site to a good ranking, quality is the most important.

A: Web page structure layout

in many web page designers, in order to pursue fashion, the pursuit of personality, but in the end can not bring a lot of traffic. This is because there is no catering to search engines. Page layout principle: first up and down, left and right, because the search engine in the implementation of the task, it is the order of the search as I mentioned. So we must remember to design in this order, so that the search engine can be easier to grab more effective information in the page.

two: content must be original, adhere to the original

for a web site content is very important, the browser that good content, search engine is no exception. If you are a direct copy and paste, then you stand may be K off. However, if the conditions are not allowed, the pseudo can also be.

three: site update to stabilize

spend more time on your site, update articles, ads and other content. Update more original, I believe, as long as there is a collection, there is something new to the spider, it will be good to your station.

four: improve link quality

The more the

chain, the higher the quality of the chain. The higher the quality of the site, the lower the

five: to ensure the normal operation of the site

: for example, when viewing the content of your site, the browser appears to have a dead link that makes the viewer feel disgusted and lose the remote client.

six: Web services to human

a station in order to have a good flow, you have to respect the user, the whole mind to stand in the user’s point of view to think about the problem. This will give you the station with more users, but also can always leave old users.

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