has stood on the edge of the car electricity supplier has gradually become a dilemma. "The car network failures, each employee will receive a monthly salary severance payment before 15 this month, and then completely dissolved." In early August, an industry source said. The car network electricity supplier in the automotive field have small reputation, this had been a valuation of 1 billion electricity supplier website also has a car electricity supplier in the field of "unicorn company" said. At present, the company has gone "".

this is not just a story of entrepreneurial failure. Three years ago, the car business model has become a hot spot. Car home, easy car network and other automotive vertical type of media in the media began to build the car business platform for diversion entrance, then established SAIC car sharing platform, large group also set up a huge automotive electronics mall, a prelude to automotive OEMs and distributors self business platform.

in addition, the Internet giant Alibaba, Jingdong and other traditional electricity supplier giant mall also follow the trend and open up a new car business, such as car network, otherwise a cat car business platform such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, more cars, all seeds used cars and other second-hand car business start-up stage. Automotive electricity supplier has become a hot pursuit of capital. But after the excitement, the car seems to have gradually entered the electricity supplier dead end. Now the capital market is not optimistic about the car electricity supplier, financing more difficult." An industry source told the Economic Observer newspaper reporter. Recently, another group called the car network car electricity supplier has just D round of financing, but said it did not meet the company’s expectations. At the beginning of this year, BITAUTO’s easy car mall has been blasting the layoffs, Ali announced that no car selling cars online to force auto finance. In the middle of this year, the car home to usher in the new owner Ping An Group, its future electricity supplier business has begun to turn quickly. The original model has lagged behind, so many of the so-called electricity supplier in the conceptual stage." A person who was engaged in the automotive electricity supplier project told reporters. This concept refers to the stage, most of the electricity supplier is still in line car for sale or sale of sales leads, or to the line of business for the group purchase, "is not the electricity supplier, it is a bunch of sales together to engage in a big promotion." A car electricity supplier company staff on the Economic Observer newspaper reporter Tucao road.

in the car behind the electricity supplier collective encounter difficult situation, what what are the reasons? This is a temporary ceiling or electric car is a pseudo concept? After three years of prosperity, electric cars ushered in a "life and death".

collective bottleneck period

vertical perspective, 2013 can be regarded as a China automotive electricity supplier outbreak of the year, in this year, the emergence of B2C, B2B, C2C and other forms of electric cars, according to the main investors and is mainly divided into 5 categories: one is in the car home, easy car vertical websites as a principal; is a Alibaba, the Jingdong mainly integrated electronic mall; the third is to car sharing platform as the representative of the SAIC set.

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