Analysis of

data in search marketing and even the whole network marketing has a very important position, can be said to be the soul of marketing, from the "data warehouse" is found in the value of a set of rules to provide navigation function for our enterprise marketing.

The key of

search marketing is to grasp the individual needs of consumers, customize the communication scheme, and configure the reasonable marketing resources in the highly dynamic market environment. Then we can clearly know that only through data mining and analysis of potential channels to the target population of our targeted advertising, we do not just let these potential customers know our product / service, more important is to let these customers love us and become our business loyal fans, so only through data analysis, to "know" our target audience, so as to achieve the purpose.

a. The calculation of the meaning of the index

first of all, we first understand the data analysis of the need to relate to those indicators and the calculation of each index.

click rate (CTR) = hits / show the amount of Internet users to our advertising creative people can pay attention to]

conversion (CVR) = conversion / click

thousand show cost (CPM) = consumption / presentation *1000

average click price (CPC) =

return on investment (ROI) = profit / consumption

two. Data source

our main way to get these data is the search word report, Baidu statistics or GA in the Baidu account.

three. Data analysis method

to do the bidding of friends should have heard of "begin with the end of the word, and that we do data analysis is to be placed in specific situations and combining the evaluation index of our enterprise to find the account optimization direction, points out problems and improvement in the current account from the account.

data analysis there are three main methods of comparative analysis, analysis, trend analysis and segmentation, when we do the analysis of the data is to combine the real situation of enterprises to the integrated use of these methods to analyze and solve the existing problems, put forward the reasonable optimization direction. (tip: the original Yao Ruibin, Baidu certified marketing consultant, a push SEM channel editor, speed transit network columnist, under the tutelage of "ground network marketing expert Jiang Likun, want to communicate more About Baidu for promotion friend, please visit Yao Ruibin (Pinyin) point card or use Baidu Search mother Yao Ruibin. Please retain the copyright information.

comparative analysis

An mom, a fixed base and contains

comparative analysis, A/B control etc.. Give a simple example that allows you to understand these methods more clearly.

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