some time ago UNIQLO event of fire, so many WeChat account in the news about UNIQLO forwarding. And with the aid of hot events to increase traffic behavior known as an occasion to marketing, hot news on the Internet too much. Of course, these hot news will attract a large number of onlookers and click on the Internet, WeChat public no more than just want to attract more eyeballs. In fact, the number of public WeChat to promote the product, and no association with these hot spots, but it is easy to cause a circle of friends circle of resentment, in order to play bad marketing circle of friends really good?


marketing people prefer hot events

WeChat public most of the products in the release of soft Wen, but such content is often difficult to attract friends, no one wants to read the soft text ads. Unless it is unknown to the truth of the small white users, but WeChat public number first requires a certain exposure, otherwise it would not promote the product or corporate image. There are many ways to attract the eye, the original cost of the original content, but with the help of hot news, just copy it. And you can quickly see the effect, so many marketers will choose this way of marketing occasion. Often share some hot events.

marketing no bottom line circle of friends is playing bad

WeChat circle of friends has been playing bad marketing people, and now as long as a circle of friends, the oncoming is overwhelming advertising. All kinds of marketing soft is everywhere, not the mask is various advertising agency, then have to shield some WeChat friends. This is not the bottom line of marketing will be criticized by the majority of ordinary users, and the actual effect of marketing is also very poor, friends may be decisively blocked. WeChat marketing is established on the relationship, if you can not get the trust and recognition of friends, then marketing is doomed to failure. Frequent release of some hot news, with too much advertising, to a certain extent, is in the circle of harassing friends.

with the pros and cons of hot event marketing

this kind of marketing can be said to have advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is that it can quickly attract the attention of others, the disadvantage is that there is no real content, so only a large number of access time. But taking advantage of marketing or speculation, can save cost and time in the marketing process, the way into their own advertising. However, it is not with the help of hot events can achieve the purpose of marketing, the hot news and their products are not associated with any, then it is difficult to integrate into the news content. Is the marketing object will also feel very abrupt, so the effect will be greatly discounted marketing.

WeChat marketing circle of friends, although WeChat official in the disaster caused by flooding water, limit and management, but the effect seems to be not obvious. If you want immediate results, then only under the ruthless hand to remediation. But the public number is the main mode of WeChat earnings, Tencent also have to consider their own interests. This article source: Tianjin PE water supply small series of original reproduced reserved address

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