read an article on the A5, the 5 major domestic electricity supplier marketing reaction "from Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel prize in literature, today is just released, it simply introduces the electricity supplier website on the reaction, after Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature including Jingdong, Dangdang, Yi, Amazon, and Tmall, the big these integrated platform, so it will be through these articles, won the Nobel prize for literature from Mo Yan, we see how to use this opportunity to get traffic, and present a variety of platforms to get traffic means.

first point: bidding advertising up

now on Baidu, Google has been put on the electronic business platform advertising, the following screenshot



is a Jingdong, Dangdang, Gome advertising, even the United States to join a lively, have to say the key competition now is not small ah; indeed, when Mo Yan became the first person, his value has been shown, and the electricity supplier website no not meant so much go to the traffic, just remember watching today search, Mo Yan has only on, has become a new flow, as shown in figure


in such a high flow driven by a variety of electronic business platform in order to fight traffic will be not at all surprising, basically by the click in the works of Mo Yan are selling topics, also shows that for Mo Yan, a special promotion works have different meanings in many times, as the first person, this is a must have the.

second: expand traffic crazy up

development flow, in fact, in my opinion, is nothing more than to extend the flow according to Mo Yan, the novel is about Mo Yan, about Mo Yan Mo Yan on the sales of e-books, and comments, and so on are very good starting, so now in Baidu, has been a lot of people there is demand below demand? Screenshot of

(Baidu know)


In fact,

from this point can be seen, one of the demand volume of Mo Yan is a good flow of e-books, first off, this one can try to grasp the following; and in expanding the flow of second points, here introduces the following Baidu library propaganda, as shown below, just upload Baidu today



day, Mo Yan in the Baidu top, Taobao search volume is only visible under the search volume is very large, this point, I believe will bring more development flow, about Mo Yan, about the work, and so are the best way and flow trend. >

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