the development of the university community has been in a state of slow fire and simmer, the number of development is less, at present, they are faced with competition from the school, it is difficult to · · ·

  at present the launch of the policy is a registered user, to Ambassador 2 yuan of money, this is almost the terror, Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities students self built network community was established 5 months, successfully obtained the first round of venture capital, and actively develop its multiple projects, to seek greater market.

  present century people registered membership of 1500 people, not to the campus network to 1/3, if not planning on to school by January, 70% of the new school will be registered, 40% freshmen will build a campus space, so to develop their own campus community is even more difficult.

  general planning department is currently the school publicity planning, investment budget of 15 thousand yuan, but the formation of the plan does not allow us to enhance team against the confidence, then to the whole network station collection against Campus plan.

    note: we just want to completely occupy the market, the development of schools in other universities have nothing to do with us.

                    our team runs a solid source of funding, but also dare to invest, please do not doubt the authenticity of the event.


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