The November 12th

report speed transit Institute (Analyst Zheng Chunhui Li Guoqi) from 2009 to November 11th, this is called the singles day was given a new meaning, the whole nation has become a shopping carnival. This year’s Carnival feast scale whether it is involved in the number or volume of transactions can be described as unprecedented, then the problem comes, the purchasing power of Chinese consumers in the end how strong?

speed transit Institute analyst team according to the double eleven transaction records and other related data, take you into the carnival behind, do not feel the same wonderful.

Tmall eleven transaction volume of 57 billion 100 million yuan

(speed transit Institute mapping)

in November 11th with 0 of the bell, double eleven shopping Carnival officially began, 1 minutes to break through one hundred million, 2 minutes break 1 billion, 38 minutes to break 10 billion, 7:17 exceeded 20 billion, 12:58 exceeded 35 billion, which is eleven of all day long trading volume last year. And it has not stopped growing, 21:12 announced a breakthrough 50 billion, the end of the day at the end of the trading volume in the fixed price of 57 billion 100 million yuan.

(speed transit Institute mapping)

recalled the trading volume eleven double over the years from 2009 to 2009 was only 52 million yuan in 2010 increased to 936 million yuan, 5 billion 200 million yuan in 2011, 19 billion 100 million yuan in 2012, 2013 is 35 billion yuan, while the trading volume this year on the 57 billion 100 million compared to last year increased 63.14% yuan. Even before it has been predicted to have eleven transactions this year, but when the numbers released is still shocking, shocking the domestic online shopping population strong purchasing power, the tremendous influence of Tmall shocked.

double eleven categories of goods distribution shoes and clothing purchases the most popular

(speed transit Institute mapping)

PC data show that the most popular items of clothing and shoes, accounted for 35.5% of all goods, followed by Home Furnishing products, accounting for 15.9%, mobile phone digital products in third, accounting for 11.5%. Followed by food and beverage 7.5%, home appliances, computer office 6.2%, book audio 5.2%, luggage accessories, outdoor sports / auto supplies,, 4%. Beauty makeup / drug health products accounted for the smallest, only 3.6%.

(speed transit Institute mapping)

compared to the PC side, the mobile terminal to buy clothing and footwear goods is still the most popular categories, accounted for 21.1%, cosmetic / drug health is still accounted for only 1.9% of the minimum. Different is the mobile phone digital, home appliances, computer office

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