we all know, the number of reverse link site, determine the site of Link Popularity — of course, the quality of link is equally important, which ultimately affect the site ranking in search engines. Therefore, in the website optimization process, keep abreast of what the site, how many sites to establish a point to our website link is very important, this is the stage for more focused analysis of basic data, improved on the website optimization effect and grasp the competitive links for website search engine optimization is also very important. So, how to get the site of the reverse link number? Admin5.com

first of all, there are a lot of SEO tools can query the site of the number of reverse links, such as the Link Popularity query tools; secondly, of course, is the use of search engines. In contrast, similar to those SEO tools but also use search engines to provide API, the results presented are also based on the index data of the search engine, but the integration of multiple search engines, can improve the site optimization efficiency corresponding data query process to reduce the complicated degree to a certain extent.

here a little digression, many friends in the website optimization always hope to find related SEO tools once and for all, or that only use those tools to look more professional, in order to obtain better SEO effect, which from the point of view is certainly right, can skillfully use the tools to help the website optimization work our effort, however, any time to remember, the search engine itself is the best tool for SEO, at the same time, the search engine is the most perfect comprehensive SEO tool, through the comprehensive analysis of search engine data, can truly grasp the overall situation of the website. In comparison, all kinds of SEO tools is only a side of the search engine, a certain angle of the simulation, but for the purpose of achieving a certain purpose. Of course, this is not to say against or do not support the use of SEO tools.

below how to use search engines to search the site of the number of reverse links.


but in any case, link given by Google to determine the value in the eyes of the Google website or more or less certain reference. Specific query method:


tip: do not work with other commands such as "site:admin5.com" or "int>"

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