send 200 coupons, gift drop 1000 dollars! The real gift is sent, green dog network of old and new customers in the Thanksgiving season of Thanksgiving gift, thank you for choosing the green dog as a journey in the most intimate partner.



user is certainly the green dog dynamic growth, more than and 800 day and night in the past, the green dog has more than 1000 million cooperation lawyer, signed cooperative law affairs, Tianjin, footprints all over Beijing, Shanghai, Shanxi, Shenzhen, Hongkong and other places. Total users reached more than 20, customers pay more than 20 thousand orders, the conversion rate was 10%. Among them, millet mobile phone, taxi drops, Gaopeng are green dog service users.

is a year of Thanksgiving season, the green dog is honored to be on the road to entrepreneurship, to help you a helping hand, green dog is also very grateful to the choice of corporate partners, so that we can grow together and make progress together. Thanksgiving Day is coming, the green dog network launched a special Thanksgiving season promotions, feedback everyone’s trust and support. In November 20th November 30th, during the event, not only the old user can obtain free of charge 200 yuan vouchers; new customers to buy gifts can be more grateful the highest straight down 1000 yuan, but also limited 100 yuan vouchers and wait for you to take! November 20th -11 month 30 days period, the new user registration success can receive 100 yuan coupons in "coupons" in the daily limit of 20, first come first served! You can click on the to understand the activity of specific information.

now, more and more people choose to start their own businesses, but everything is hard in the beginning, company registration, business plan, bookkeeping, trademark registration, social security accounts, social security agency, provident fund accounts, equity investment…… The heavy legal issues that entrepreneurs have a headache, any thing to spend too much time. Professional thing to find a professional company to solve, the rise of legal service providers, green dog network conform to the trend of the times was born in June 2012.

online to find a lawyer, rely on the word of mouth and everyone’s trust. Green dog network, a company focused on providing small and micro enterprises online legal services and products of the Internet Co, with simple business, you secure your business "for the purpose, to small and micro business team liberated from the heavy legal affairs, from the company registration, taxation, social security agency contract writing, audit, patent for each link to do professional treatment.

thank you, the green dog network will accompany you together through loyalty, entrepreneurial way groundless talk, thank you for your trust and affirmation, the green dog and look forward to your wonderful journey together.

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