the past few days, I need to buy some due to their own needs, no local herbs and drugs, have been looking for a good pharmaceutical business platform, several rounds down, or reduced to Taobao and Taobao to find small sellers of drug transaction control is very strict, almost the same price as the price and physical pharmacy. Why are the transformation of business platform in the most traditional enterprises in this era, the era of universal electricity supplier like a raging fire, the traditional pharmaceutical companies restructuring business platform is so slow? The author, is affected by the following points.

1 Chinese herbal medicine electronic trading regulations are still blank

in 2011 July on the very fire "Taobao mall accused of illegal sale of drugs", until now, the regulations have not yet perfect, how pharmaceutical companies restructuring business platform? Take Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine has the dual attributes of the agricultural and sideline products and medicines, Chinese herbal medicine is online trading of agricultural and sideline products what kind of qualification or drugs, it is not clear. As mentioned above, Taobao and pharmaceutical distribution companies to cooperate, it is due to the lack of Internet drug trading service agency qualification and was an emergency stop. Although in the recent "low-key" restart, small small hit edge ball, but the regulatory compliance department has not yet given a clear answer on this case.

The characteristics of

2 drugs resulting in the slow development of

pharmaceutical companies

medicine, unlike our general clothing, luxury goods, it is related to the safety of the lives of consumers. And through online transactions, health insurance is difficult to solve the problem. Due to the particularity of the drug, only at the same time with the Internet drug transaction service qualification certificate and the Internet drug information service qualification certificate of two enterprises to carry out the sale of drugs online. Consumer safety of online drug than for other goods more attention in online shopping safety is still not very strong today, many people will certainly have a screeching halt.

in the United States, a doctor’s prescription, prescription drugs and patients usually consciously, but a lot of people in China go to the pharmacy to buy medicine without a prescription. In this case, the function of licensed pharmacist is particularly important. Therefore, it is necessary to take the function of licensed pharmacists from the "rising" of the real pharmacy to the online pharmacy and the third party platform.


3 distribution and reimbursement into the soft underbelly of

talked about this issue last year, but had to take it out again, because, so far, this is a very important reason for restricting its development. I feel very deep, I have to buy medicine in Taobao sellers, there is no more than 50 yuan, they are not willing to sell me. You see, a bottle of a box of decomposition distribution model will make logistics costs become very expensive. In addition, some of the electricity supplier distribution is mainly dependent on the third party GSP without drug distribution social logistics, to some extent, can be regarded as violations.

on the Internet, there are several large pharmaceutical business platform, but more of them, as a business platform and edge information display flat.

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