after 3.15, industrial and commercial departments to increase the remediation efforts for advertising, I also as a legal adviser, the advertising legal risks for many companies, site training, from the training situation, legal consciousness is more responsible for advertising and marketing the staff is not very strong. Here is to analyze the legal risk of common website advertising.

, the promise of publicity can not be honored. The most typical example is Beijing Hyundai, in the relevant articles, the person in charge of the company promised a car for 2 years, the market price, but a sudden change in the situation after the car market, less than 120 days because of the pressure of competition was forced to cut prices, users filed a class action lawsuit, although the court found discrepancies reported the person in charge of the enterprise and the media, to judge the company without liability, but its brand position in the minds of consumers but have plummeted, the author believes that in this case, the amount of the claim loss of intangible assets of modern brand is much greater than the user. After all, the case is caused because of the excessive in product marketing commitments, so, I want to remind the relevant enterprise, full of rice can eat, mouth before fully consider the best words.

related network companies should also pay attention to consumers must be careful when making a commitment, if the commitment can not be honored, said the light is considered a week, a little bit is misleading false propaganda. If the customer once found the enterprise credit, is likely to be based on "contract law", "consumer protection law" of publicity of enterprises as stipulated in the contract to the enterprise for prosecution, if not be sued, competitors when using this vulnerability malicious failure of commitment, and publicity, for the enterprise will obviously very embarrassed. In the early stage of China’s market economy, the competitive environment, such malicious speculation is not uncommon, but the ability to learn from other people’s lessons related to the ability is poor, in this case is not uncommon.

two, the highest level of language and the problem of unfair competition. Many enterprises, especially online games business competition, in the propaganda is very similar with the love biggest, strongest and most fun, the most senior term, this formulation is actually in violation of the provisions of the law, there is a big risk. First of all, the "advertisement law" prohibiting the use of the most advanced in terms of advertising, use may be administrative punishment, then if your product is not the biggest, strongest and largest and strongest risk said, may constitute the "Anti Unfair Competition Law", "consumer protection law" provisions of the false propaganda, industry and commerce authorities very high penalties for such violations. But the Internet enterprise risk in this area is particularly large, because some industrial and commercial authorities for investigation and prosecution of such cases is not limited to local, the author dealt with the case, Jiangsu Internet companies often because the most advanced words and false propaganda by the Hunan area of the business department of punishment.

three, reference data >

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