some time ago, I wrote an article "blog marketing skills" experience articles, get a lot of stationmaster appreciation, have been reproduced to their website, here, I express my deep gratitude, thank them in my article reprint I keep to my website address and the exchange of QQ. So, recently, my thanks to the webmaster of the appreciation, to collect some of the more popular blog address, the blog website PR value is very high, mostly in more than 6. Because you have to do to promote the help of friends.

below is a free blog address:

blog China hxtp://; the most complete, the most comprehensive knowledge of the blog site.

crooked cool blog hxtp://; very famous blog network, knowledge is very rich, unique views. Free to modify the template, you can do text links, you can do their own advertising, very good blog site!

blog tribe hxtp://; I feel good, fast access!

Chinese blog network classification is very clear, which is also a wide range of knowledge of the overall good site, famous for Mu Zimei.

China hxtp:// blogger; a good blog site, is the classification is relatively small, relatively simple page.

your blog network hxtp://; very popular website, easy to operate, easy to use.

CN blog hxtp://; Chinese blog site, is a foreign blog site of the vertebral body, there are English blog page introduction and Chinese blog experience, there are blog site competition information release.


bus hxttp:// blog page is very clear; which are divided into three levels, the charges compared to distinguish function and Chinese almost, or choose a free good.

power hxttp:// blog page; clear, look at a glance, a lot of love for the template template, the blog is definitely a good choice, in addition, can not see the blog when the registration message in the above.

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