movie owners to join the movie search alliance

if you are currently standing 5000IP traffic, join the alliance if more than the code, or a direct point of play, so that each user can click on the words, the Union will be about 15000IP traffic. Because most of the film exchange ratio is 1:3, your union 5000IP+ Union also 15000IP=2 million IP, your station is more than 15000IP per day, the exchange of traffic is so simple!

this is my pro test method, if you add a few movie search alliance, you think about what you stand like

?I recommend

movie station only movie search alliance, because the IP is for the movie, you add the swap chain and site navigation is not much use, visitors are not miscellaneous! You stand to increase the effect of PV, if you think I said is nonsense, you can try.

here recommend a few movie search union Lele search search pineapple search

write well don’t mind, I will tell you, as you will get it to you.

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