first came to a report from the Beijing Morning Post:

online a variety of video programs will be formally incorporated into strict supervision, and the implementation of industry access system. From the beginning of January 31, 2008, all companies that provide video services on the Internet, must obtain a permit, and must be a wholly state-owned or state-owned holding company. Yesterday, the SARFT and the Ministry of industry and information on the official website also hang out announcements, jointly issued the "provisions on the administration of Internet audio-visual program service".

reporter learned, is currently engaged in Internet audio-visual services over the Internet, mostly by the risk investment of private companies, which includes all the well-known portal sites, search, and more video sharing sites, they seem to have not reached the "state-owned" requirements.

"we’ve never faced such strict rules." The person in charge of a video site told reporters, he also said that the practitioners are looking forward to the new regulations, supplementary provisions are slightly looser, "not so much a pole knocked off site".

if you are a video site webmaster, you see the news of the first feeling is what? Surprised? Doubt? Regrets? Or anger?

no matter what, the national government to rectify the Internet will not stop, which is the inevitable result of the development of the network.

2007 is an eventful year of the Internet! Whether good, strange, new, or so-called bad, all broke out! This year the action for the consolidation of the Internet is also more and more frequent. Prior to the BBS rectification, the site filing notice, the website of bad content to clean up, network police patrols, and so on, all told the Internet practitioners, this is the time of the state of the Internet under the. This does not, by the end of 08, early in 07, the video site is finally put on the bill.

through my Internet audio-visual program service management provisions of the full text of the reading study, first of all, I would like to give you an analysis of this provision, so that we have a clear impression. Note: the quotation part is copied, comments for reference only.

1. video website to certificates.

this year, there is no such documents can not really go on. Video site to hold this card is called "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit". Moreover, the regulations also clearly put forward "not in accordance with the regulations issued by the competent department of film and television has broadcast the" permit "or filing procedures, any unit or individual shall not engage in Internet audio-visual program service." Perhaps you will doubt, you will say that my video site is free of charge, ah, do you want this document? Well, look at the provisions of the "as mentioned in these Provisions refers to the Internet audio-visual program service, production, editing, integration and provide video and audio programs to the public through the Internet, and for others to provide upload audio-visual programs service."

well, very clear, as long as the spread of audio and video programs, regardless of whether you charge or not

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