saw the first half of this year, all kinds of media on the Groupon model of network group purchase reports, and many Internet Co have moved to the Chinese media or network group purchase. This reminds me of the 2006, the same concern, the hype of the brand promotion platform – trial network.

January 2006. Chinese first trial network was established on the line only 68 days to get the famous American Vc firm IDG-VC investment, by the end of 06 and the re injection of domestic famous mobile commerce service provider Emay company to expand. Just one year, quickly accumulated about 3000000 loyal members, since its inception, the trial network has attracted a lot of attention from all walks of life, including the economic channel of CCTV "fortune story", "global 360", "first time" column such as the depth of coverage, and in 2007 of the most innovative ten new media leadership award.

four years later, with the rise of the group buying network, people gradually faded from the aura of the trial network, compared with the current popular buy network, the trial of the popularity of the network and attention is indeed more embarrassing.

so we are thinking, in the light of the network to buy, where the way out of the trial network, how they do business alienation, and buy network to share business and user resources.

to answer this question, we first have to analyze, buy network and try their respective value network, that is, the meaning of their existence.

their common, are the promotion of the brand, the use of traditional advertising experience in marketing. With a small or close to the cost of goods, so that potential users to experience, in exchange for potential customers two or three product consumption. For their respective characteristics.

first of all, we buy the characteristics of the network:

features a: only a day to buy a product, the stage is only one person, the brand propaganda effect is good, to avoid the interference of other commodities and differentiation brand propaganda.

features two: for users, as long as willing to pay the price for the goods to buy, then it will be able to get goods.

features three: for businesses, the price of their services or products may have cost price or higher than the cost price point, that is, at the same time, there is also the possibility of promotion.

secondly, analysis of the characteristics of the trial network:

features a: brand enhanced


trial network, the function design, while ensuring the brand exposure and increase brand enhancement, in the process of consumer applications trial products, try to join the reason, so that consumers need to fill out why they want to apply to this item. By doing so, not only can let consumers know your product function potential customers, and also can help businesses can choose their own goods, more targeted to the market.

features two: trial report


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