the defendant signed the trial record. Yesterday, M+M Apartman Hotel, a member of the court to upload pornographic videos. Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo

upload pornographic videos were hit more than 2 times, suspected of spreading obscene goods crime; said I do not know upload pornographic video is a crime

Beijing News (reporter Chen Bo) yesterday, in the large Chinese pornographic websites, M+M Apartman Hotel pornographic video members of the transfer of Wang Fei (a pseudonym), on suspicion of dissemination of pornographic materials in Chaoyang Court trial.

day before, under the unified arrangements of the Ministry of public security, many domestic police destroyed the collaborative server set up in the United States, millions of registered users worldwide large Chinese pornographic websites "M+M Apartman Hotel", 2148 suspects, including Beijing police control 77 (newspaper August 14th report).

pass porn almost lost their jobs

yesterday morning, Chaoyang Court Criminal trial.

was released on bail of the accused Wang Feishen wearing a green T-shirt, alone came to court.

because of the "M+M Apartman Hotel" case, many media to the court.

"please don’t tell me about my personal information, and don’t put my picture in the newspaper." See the media, which makes Wang Fei very nervous, many requests do not want to be exposed.

Wang Fei said he worked in a logistics company, after the accident to keep the job. Up to now, only the unit leaders know that he was suspected of committing a crime, even colleagues are not informed.

"these pornographic videos are so dangerous that I will never touch them again in the future." Said Wang Fei, covering his eyes with his hands.

wants the judge to sentence

At the beginning of the

trial, the prosecution alleged that since 2010, Wang Fei in exchange for points in the M+M Apartman Hotel Website Dissemination of pornographic videos, click rate of 21145. In May this year, Wang Fei was controlled by the police.

prosecutors believe that Wang Fei alleged acts of dissemination of pornographic materials.

listen to the prosecutor read the alleged facts, Wang Fei had no objection, kept rubbing hands sandwiched in between the legs.

Wang Fei confessed that he is on the Internet when I browse to the "M+M Apartman Hotel" website, upload pornographic videos are also involved before from the "M+M Apartman Hotel" download, upload for some website can exchange points, to obtain greater authority and scope of browsing.

"I really don’t know if it’s a crime to upload pornographic videos until I get caught." Wang Fei said repentance, "I regret dead, I hope the judge on the lighter penalty, I was sentenced to probation."


court is not in court for sentencing.


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